Book Reviews and Recommendations

So many books, so little time…Here are some of my favourites. Some personal, some professional and some, of course, overlap. I’ll keep adding to this list, so watch this space. … Read More

She Said, She Said by Anne M Reid

This is an important book on more than one level. It is a searingly honest account of the emotional turmoil Anne experiences when her husband comes out as transgender. The … Read More

Heartline by Dr Brendan Carson

Heartline is a funny, thought-provoking book is a series of short stories written by my good friend Dr Brendan Carson. All true stories, with the profits going to fund cardiac … Read More

The Joy of Sex by Dr Alan Comfort

Sex is a complex life skill, and a little bit of instruction, inspiration and illumination never went astray. I was given a copy as a wedding present, many, many years … Read More

Vintage Maugham Short Stories

My Dad put me onto W.Somerset Maugham short stories. We telephone each other to read the funny/clever/wise/wicked bits out loud. Such a keen observer of human nature. Just like my … Read More

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