Dr Tonia goes back to school

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Yep, I’m going back to school…good medicine demands a commitment to ongoing education. Curiosity about how we can best help our patients and be better doctors motivates us to learn everyday.

For many of the patients I see, the psychological issues associated with their physical issues are closely intertwined – I can’t just look after your pelvis without looking after your mind. And sometimes, even your heart.

So, with that intention, I’ve been lucky enough to have been given permission to attend training sessions organised by the SA Psychiatry Branch Training Committee.

There will be eight sessions over 2018, covering topics such as psychopharmacology (medications), PTSD, eating disorders, mood disorders and grief and loss.

That’s why some of my Tuesday afternoon appointments have had to be changed. I will be picking up some extra consulting time on Fridays to keep the waiting times to a minimum. Thank you for understanding if your appointment has been moved around. Thanks also to the fab staff at Wellend Health for arranging all of this for me.

The University of Melbourne

I’ve also started the Master of Psychiatry at Melbourne University. Just one subject at a time…so much to learn about the mind and how it relates to bodies, pain, relationships.

I’m very excited. I’m still such a nerd…but that’s cool now.




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