Dr Tonia Mezzini Speaking Events

Dr Tonia Mezzini is regarded as expert on a range of sexual health and women’s health topics and is often invited to speak at medical conferences and training events.She has been awarded The Jan Edwards Prize for her paper on Mycoplasma genitalium in Men with Urethral Symptoms, and The Penelope Lowe Prize for her paper on HIV and Young People.

In 2020 Dr Mezzini will be presenting at the following events:

  • February 22nd – Sex, Bodies and the Kardashians –  Bayer Contraceptive Launch
  • August 10th – PMS and PMDD – Ayers House GP Education event
  • Sept 9th – Vulval Concerns: Management Advice for Nurses – SHine SA Certificate Course
  • August 15th, November 14th – Sex & Intimacy After Cancer Treatment – Adelaide Oncology and Haematology Restore Program
  • Oct 17th – Sex After Baby – Obstetric Shared Care Program
  • Nov 4th – Sexual side effects of medications for moods – Helen Mayo House Annual Update
  • Nov 28th – Tips for Medical Student Teaching – Adelaide University Rural Medical School

Watch this space – more events are in the planning stage.

Rescheduled for 2021….

  • April  – Pelvic Pain Master Class – SA Continence Foundation Meeting
  • Sept – Pelvic Pain: What Can Socrates Teach Us? – Australian Society of Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Mezzini Teaching

In addition, she continues to teach Adelaide University Medical Students. She has been awarded both the Emertius Professor Alastair MacLennan AO Citation for Clinical Teaching and the Professor Derek Frewin AO Citation for Clinical Teaching.

Dr Mezzini GP Clinic Visits

Dr Mezzini regularly visits General Practice clinics to up-skill GPs on sexual health and women’s health topics.

If you would like Dr Mezzini to visit your practice, please contact Sonja at AGSC via manager@agsc.com.au to arrange a suitable time.

Dr Tonia Mezzini is known for offering the best possible advice and treatment options for a person’s sexual health care needs. In particular, she cares for patients with: