Gender affirming surgery with Dr Andrew Ives

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Dr Tonia Mezzini was recently in Melbourne observing and learning more about the technical aspects of gender affirming surgery in male to female transgender patients with plastic surgeon, Dr Andrew Ives.

It was a fantastic opportunity to observe such highly skilled surgery by Dr Andrew Ives and his team at Masada Hospital – and extremely generous of the patients who gave their consent.

Click here for further information on gender affirming surgery, and to explore mastectomy options in Adelaide, you can visit here for information about Dr Quoc Lam.

Dr Tonia Mezzini offers convenient Skype consultations for patients living outside of Adelaide who are interested in finding out about their options.

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Dr Tonia Mezzini is known for offering the best possible advice and treatment options for a person’s sexual health care needs. In particular, she cares for patients with:

Menopause and hormonal concerns
Breast cancer prevention strategies
Chronic pelvic pain in men and women
Painful periods and endometriosis
Vulval pain syndromes and vulval skin conditions
Low libido and pain with intercourse
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Gender-affirming hormone therapy
Complex contraceptive choices
Sexually transmitted infections such as recurrent genital herpes
Recurrent bacterial vaginosis
Recurrent thrush