COVID 19 and Sexual Health Care at AGSC
We are committed to maintaining access to sexual health care during the COVID 19 crisis. In addition to implementing social
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Vagacadabra - Women's Health Month
Women’s Health Month & Vagacadabra
Some of you know that I have been promising (or threatening!) to do a Fringe show about women’s health. Well,
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Bayer Meeting Feb 2020
Kyleena IUD: New, low dose hormonal contraception
Exciting news ladies! Kyleena is new, low dose hormonal IUD and it will be available after the 1st March 2020.
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Blood test for endometriosis
A new blood test that can detect up to 90% of cases of endometriosis has been developed by scientists at
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Pelvic Pain Education Sessions 2020
Flex Rehabilitation Clinic is offering Pelvic Pain Educational Seminars for people with pelvic pain. The physiotherapy team at Flex Rehabilitation
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Dr Tonia on Radio Adelaide with Sonia Feldhoff
Sonya Feldhoff and Dr Tonia Mezzini on ABC Radio Adelaide in 2020
We had so much fun taking about sexual health on ABC Radio Adelaide over the past two years…. We are
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PCOS: New 2018 Guidelines Released
The first ever internationally endorsed and evidenced-based guidelines for the assessment, diagnosis and management of PCOS have just been published.
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Researchers Prove That There Is No Such Thing As A ‘Normal’ Vagina!
Who would have thought that we would need a group of researchers to tell us that there is no such
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Dr Tonia Speaking Events
Dr Tonia Mezzini is regarded as expert on a range of sexual health and women’s health topics and is often
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antiobiotics and contraceptive pill
Antibiotics and the Oral Contraceptive Pill: Myth Busted!
Researchers in the US have busted the myth – once and for all – that the reliabilty of the oral
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