Vagacadabra - Women's Health Month

Women’s Health Month & Vagacadabra

Some of you know that I have been promising (or threatening!) to do a Fringe show about women’s health. Well, looks like Sonya Feldhoff and I will be doing a sort of ‘Fringe show meets Q&A’ at SAHMRI in May 2020 as part of Women’s Health Month.

Whoo Hoo!

And you are invited to come along and be a part of the discussion. That’s right people – there will be audience participation. Forget Dr Google – now you can ask a real doctor about women’s health. So much better!

We will be talking about:

  • A Guide to Your Vagina – Everything you need to know, but were too scared to ask.
  • Periods – And how to show them who’s boss. Did somebody say endometriosis?
  • Menopause and Sex After Cancer – yes, it’s a thing (or, How to get your mojo when your ovaries go AWOL).

Sonya’s curiosity and Tonia’s candour – what more could you possibly need? Apart from George Clooney making a guest appearance…sigh. Sorry ladies, his agent won’t return my calls.

This event has been postponed as part of public health measures to limit the spread of COVID 19.

Hopefully, we can reschedule for later in 2020.